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In your hybrid cloud environment, you can deploy BloxOne DDI as a service on an on-prem host, so you can take advantage of the DNS, DHCP, and IPAM services , as well as the security features that BloxOne DDI offers. BloxOne DDI offers. You can also purchase the BloxOne Threat Defense license and deploy the DNS forwarding proxy on the same on-prem host, so you can forward recursive DNS queries through the DNS forwarding proxy to BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud in which you can configure security policies. For information about configuring DNS forwarding proxy and BloxOne DDI DNS services, see Configuring DNS Forwarding Proxy and BloxOne DDI DNS. For information about BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud, see BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud.

You can deploy on-prem hosts on BloxOne appliances you purchase from Infoblox, in bare-metal Docker containers, or on virtual machines using the Docker or OVA package that Infoblox provides. For information about on-prem hosts, see On-Prem Host Management.