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  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> IPAM/DHCP -> Address Spaces. The list of IP spaces is displayed.

  2. Click the respective IP Space -> Address Block to view the list of subnets that are associated with it.

  3. Click -> Edit or select the respective record and click the Editbutton to modify a subnet.

  4. Modify the details and click Save & Close to save the record or click Cancel to cancel.

Resizing DHCP Scopes

The Automated Scope Management feature provides a number of parameters to help monitor and manage your DHCP scopes. The feature allows you to set thresholds for DHCP ranges that will trigger configuration suggestions (such as proactively expanding ranges or subnets) to avoid issues associated with lack of available IP addresses. When you see an alert icon Image Added next to your IP scopes, address blocks, or subnets, you can preview the configuration suggestions and decide which action to take. You can also resize your subnets to increase the network size and the number of IP addresses any time when necessary. For more information about the Automated Scope Management feature, see Configuring Global DHCP Properties. For information about how to resize your DHCP scopes, see Resizing DHCP Scopes.

Modifying Subnet Inheritance