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To view details of all devices within an endpoint group, do the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> Endpoints.
  2. On the Endpoints page, click the Endpoint Groups tab.
  3. On the Endpoints Groups page, click on the name of the endpoint group to view information on each device within the endpoint group.
  4. A list of all devices within the endpoint group will be displayed on the page. Information for individual devices includes the following:
    • DEVICE NAMEThe name of the device.
    • USER NAMEThe user name that is used to log in to this device.
    • ENDPOINT GROUPThe BloxOne endpoint group to which the device belongs.
    • MAC ADDRESSThe MAC address for the device.
    • ENDPOINT VERSION: The version of Endpoint used. 
    • OS VERSIONThe OS version that is currently running on the device
    • LAST SEENThe timestamp when the device was last seen on the network.
    • LAST IP ADDRESSThe list of IP addresses that have been associated with this device.
    • STATUSThe current status of the device.
      • Active: The device is currently online and active.
      • Inactive: The device is currently offline and inactive.
      • Disabled: The device has been disabled.

For information on viewing endpoints, see the following:

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