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A maximum of ten domains can be added to an organization's watched domains list.

To import a

To add watch domains to Custom Lookalike Monitoring, do the following:

  1. Log in to the Cloud Services Portal.
  2. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Reports  -> Lookalike Domains.
  3. On the Watched Domains page, click Watched Domains located above the top action bar. 
  4. On the Watched Domains page, click Create to display the Add Domain dialog to add a domain to the watch list. 
  5.  In the Add Domains dialog, complete the following steps:
    • Domain-of-Interest:  Add the name of the domain you want to add to your organization's lookalike domains watch list. Only second-level domains can be added to a watch list. Each watched domain must be composed of two contiguous alphanumeric strings separated by a dot (example: string1.string2).  Domains must be a minimum of five characters in length not counting the top-level domain, in order to be added to the list (example: . Domains with fewer than five characters, not counting the top-level domain, cannot be added to the watch list (example: This is a required field.
    • DESCRIPTION: A description for the watch domain being added. This is an optional field. 
  6. Click Save & Close to add the domain to the lookalike domain Watched Domains list. 

For additional information on monitoring lookalike domains, see the following:

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