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Important Note

The minimum system requirements specified below must be dedicated to the on-prem host you plan to deploy. They cannot be shared with or used for other non-Infoblox applications. Doing so will negatively affect the performance of your BloxOne services. For information about port usage and other requirements, see the following:

Micro SitesSmall BranchesMedium BranchesLarge Branches

4-core Intel Atom
@1.92 GHZ

4-core Intel Atom
@2 GHZ
4-core Intel Atom
@2.2 GHZ
8-core Intel Xeon
@2 GHZ
Storage64 GB64 GB120 GB1 TB
Ports1 x 1G2 x 1G2 x 1G; 2 x 10G2 x 1G; 2 x 10G


If your system does not meet the recommended minimum system requirements, you might encounter compatibility issues with BloxOne’s expected performance. Infoblox is not liable for any issues as a result of non-conformance with the required specifications. Infoblox also does not guarantee performance based on your system configuration. Procurement and maintenance of the system are your responsibilities. To the extent that Infoblox processes Personal Data on your behalf for provision of services, the terms and conditions in the Data Processing Addendum (“DPA”) shall apply. Personal Data is defined in the DPA.

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