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A join token is a special-purpose, system generated, alphanumeric string value used to authenticate a virtual on-prem host to automatically associate itself with its corresponding user account and establish a connection to the BloxOne services.


A join token is necessary when you set up a virtual appliance; it is not required for BloxOne physical appliance deployment.

To deploy a virtual appliance, you must first create a join token and issue it to the corresponding on-prem host when you set up your machine. You can use the same join token to deploy multiple virtual appliances. You can also create as many join tokens as you need and use them for different purposes. For example, you can create one join token to provision a set of remote devices and assign them to your Cloud Services Portal account. You can create another join token for an admin who will need to join on-prem hosts only for a short period of time. When the admin finishes the task, you can revoke the join token and they will not be able to provision any new hosts. You can also revoke a token if a join token has been compromised for any reason to prevent its use to provision new on-prem hosts. A host cannot establish a new connection to the cloud if you use a revoked token; however, it keeps an existing connection. Note that join tokens are valid until you revoke them through the Cloud Services Portal.

For more information on join tokens, see the following:

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