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You can export and import DHCP and IPAM objects from and into the Cloud Services Portal by using a JSON or CSV file. Use this feature to perform the following actions:
  • Export DHCP and IPAM objects. 
  • Export On-Prem Hosts.
  • Export Tags.
  • View a list of exported objects within the Cloud Services Portal.
  • Download the exported objects in a JSON or CSV file, and store them in a different location.
  • Edit the JSON or CSV file to add or modify the objects.
  • Import the downloaded or edited JSON or CSV file into the same or different user account in the Cloud Services Portal.


This feature can import at most 35,000 objects at a time. On average, an imported file with 35,000 objects will be approximately 50 MB in size.

The following diagram explains the import and export processes at a high level:

Use this feature to do the following:

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