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This topic contains frequently asked questions you might encounter while working with the Infoblox SSO Portal. It also contains some helpful links, so you can quickly access relevant information.

Which Infoblox sites are affected by my federation?

Federation affects the following Infoblox sites:,, and Users with an email domain matching your federated domain sign into these sites using their federated credentials from your IdP.

If you have questions about setting up the email domain to federate with the Infoblox sites, please see Configuring Domain Users.

Why is test user unable to sign in?

This may occur if the test user does not already exist in Infoblox Cloud Services Portal. IdP group mapping doesn't affect test users, and they will not be automatically provisioned into Infoblox Cloud Services Portal. 

For more information, see Testing 3rd Party IdP Authentication 

Why are users unable to log in even though an account has been federated?

Users will not be able to sign in if their email domain does not match the domain you used to federate in the Infoblox SSO Portal.

If the users are not currently provisioned in Infoblox Cloud Services Portal, they will not be able to sign in to Infoblox Cloud Services Portal unless you have configured IdP group mapping. If you have already set up IdP group mapping, ensure that your user is a member of one of the IdP groups you specified in your configuration.

Why am I unable to access the SSO Portal to fix my federation?

If you have federated your Infoblox account and you are unable to sign in to the SSO Portal to fix it due to a federation issue, please obtain a one-time password to regain access. For more information, see One Time Passcode (OTP) Access.

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