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You can remove the imported IPAM data from the Cloud Services Portal by disabling the NIOS Grid Connector. When you disable the NIOS Grid Connector on the respective on-prem host for a Grid, all imported IPAM data for that Grid is removed. When the NIOS Grid Connector is disabled, the imported data is removed only if there is no other on-prem host having this service enabled. 

To disable the NIOS Grid Connector service, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> On-Prem Hosts.

  2. For the particular on-prem host, click and select Edit.

  3. On the Create On-Prem Host page, configure the following:

    • Applications & Services ->  SERVICES: Toggle NIOS Grid Connector to Disabled.

  4. Click Save & Close to save the details or click Cancel to exit.


If you change the on-prem host configuration for the NIOS Grid Connector that results in a change of Grid ID, due to database reset, grid member joining the grid, or license renewal, the import workflow for this grid may not work as it is tied to the unique Grid ID. In order to fix this, disable NIOS Grid Connector and change the on-prem host configuration as required. Thereafter, enable the NIOS Grid Connector

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