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BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud introduces a new workflow that streamlines the Data Connector deployment process. You can now deploy the Data Connector as an on-prem host through the Cloud Services Portal on bare-metal containers or virtual machines using the Docker or OVA package that Infoblox provides.

Before you configure a virtual machine as the Data Connector, you must first create a join token and use it to authenticate the on-prem host, so BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud can establish a connection to the host. For information about join tokens and how to manage them, see Managing Join Tokens for Data ConnectorsOnce you set up the virtual appliance using a valid join token, a connection to BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud is established, and the host status changes to Active (if the host and all the services running on it are functioning properly). The on-prem host is now a fully manageable device, and you can manage it through the Cloud Services Portal. 

In your hybrid cloud environment, you can deploy the Data Connector as a service on an on-prem host and connect it to BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud, so you can configure and manage the Data Connector through the Cloud Services Portal. You can deploy the Data Connector as a service on virtual machines in an infrastructure of your choice using the Docker or OVA package that Infoblox provides.


When you run the Data Connector service on an on-prem host, you use it solely for collecting DNS data and event logs, and sending the data to the desired destination. You cannot add licenses to run other services, such as DNS and DHCP.

Virtual on-prem hosts are automatically created when you use a join token to connect them to BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud. For information about join tokens, see Managing Join Tokens for Data Connectors.

Depending on your preferred environment, you can download the Docker or OVA package from the Cloud Services Portal. The Data Connector supports the following deployment methods:


Infoblox recommends that you use Docker version 19.03.5 to avoid an issue in which the Docker container might re-deploy continuously, resulting in multiple deployments of the on-prem host. In addition, Kubernetes is not supported.

Before you start your on-prem host deployment, ensure that you review the following topics to ensure that your environment supports the deployment:


You deploy the Data Connector as an on-prem host in the Cloud Services Portal. For more information about on-prem host, see On-Prem Host Management.

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