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All notifications are displayed on the Notifications tab by default. When you add new users, the system sends notifications to all the users who are currently registered and have access to the Cloud Services Portal, based on your configuration in the corresponding user groups and notification settings. If individual users want to opt-out of specific notifications, they can go to their User Preferences and select the notifications they want to receive. Note that individual settings do not affect the global settings for other users.

Alert Compression: Alert compression automatically dismisses alerts that are considered superfluous. For example, if an alert becomes RAISED and then is CLEARED a short time later, and the user never logs in during that time, then the alert will become compressed. Compressed alerts will still be available for an additional 12 hours on the View All Notifications page in the list of notifications, but they will then be archived and deleted after that. For additional information on Alert Compression, see BloxOne Notifications

You can do the following in this dialog:

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