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Data Connector

Important Note

Before you deploy BloxOne services and on-prem hosts, ensure that you prepare your environment according to the requirements for the supported platforms and open all necessary ports for unrestricted outbound access.

Port Usage

The following table lists the port usage for the BloxOne on-prem hosts:

IP ProtocolPortDomainIPs and URLs Description

IPs in one JSON formatted list

URLs in one JSON formatted list

Cloud Services Portal Access (unrestricted outbound access to TCP 443)

On-Prem Host – Platform Management
TCP443app.noa.infoblox.comOn-Prem Host – Application Management
TCP443dns.bloxone.infoblox.comBloxOne DDI DNS server
TCP443threatdefense.bloxone.infoblox.com52.119.40.100BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud DNS server
TCP443DNS server
DNS over TLS for DNS Forwarding Proxy
NTP Server (Only if time sync with EXSi is disabled)
NTP Server (Only if time sync with EXSi is disabled)
UDP67DHCP server
UDP68DHCP server
DHCP Relay
TCP647DHCP server
TCP647DHCP server
TCP22Data ConnectorEnsure that there are no SSH processes listening on port 22. You must terminate these SSH processes for the Data Connector to collect data from NIOS.Required only for Data Connector. SCP data transfer from NIOS.



Data Connector
Required only for Data Connector. Secure syslog for RPZ hits data.
TCP8125Data Connector
Required only for Data Connector. Metrics support for OVA deployment.
TCP9006Data Connector
Required only for Data Connector. Data transfer to NIOS Reporting server.


Infoblox recommends that connectivity from the on-prem hosts and services have unrestricted outbound access to the Internet on port 443. This will allow for fewer changes in the future when we change or expand services. For more deployment information, see Best Practices for On-Prem Hosts.

Supported Platforms for On-Prem BloxOne

You may deploy the On-Prem host application on the following:

  • Bare-metal systems running Linux and Docker version 1.13.0 to 17.08.


Infoblox recommends that you use Docker version 17.09 or below (except for 17.05 and 17.06), or version 18.09 or above, to avoid an issue in which the Docker container might re-deploy continuously, resulting in multiple deployments of the on-prem host. In addition, Kubernetes is not supported.

  • VMs that are deployed on VMware ESXi servers version 5.5, 6.0, or 6.5
  • VM infrastructures such as Hyper-V or KVM, running Linux and Docker version 1.13.0 or above. For information about the supported Linux VMs for Hyper-V, refer to this article.

Infoblox has validated the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2
  • CentOS 7.3.16
  • Ubuntu 16.04.2.

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for your VM are as follows:

  • CPU: 4 core
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Disk: 64 GB

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