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Ansible Automation Platform extends beyond traditional tools for server and software installations, to encompass the entirety of IT infrastructure, including network resources. The Infoblox BloxOne Collections for Ansible Automation Platform is a package of modules and plug-ins that allow managing BloxOne DDI objects and functions through APIs that leverage Ansible Playbooks. This enables network professionals to utilize Infoblox infrastructure for DNS automation of VMs and containerized workloads deployed across multiple platforms.

Infoblox Ansible Collections for BloxOne allows you to interact with the BloxOne DDI through APIs. DDI information is presented as variables to an Ansible Playbook: a YAML-based text file that helps to automate managed systems found in inventory. Playbooks allow an administrator to configure an entire environment by leveraging a block of code that is known as a module that executes on Linux and Windows systems, networks, and cloud instances. The Collections let an Ansible Playbook automate the provisioning of the network service infrastructure.

The following diagram explains integration with Ansible collection for BloxOne DDI: 

You can perform the following actions with the BloxOne Collections for Ansible:


  • b1_dns_view: Create or delete a DNS view
  • b1_dns_zone: Create or delete a DNS zone
  • b1_a_record: Create or delete an A record
  • b1_cname_record: Create or delete a CNAME record
  • b1_ptr_record: Create or delete a PTR record
  • b1_ns_record: Create or delete an NS record

Infoblox Ansible Collections for BloxOne DDI is available at

For information on Ansible, see

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