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The Manage -> On-Prem Hosts-> Join Tokens page displays the list of join tokens that you have created. For information about join-token management, see Managing Join Tokens for On-Prem Hosts.

This page displays the following information for each join token:

  • TOKEN NAME: The name of the token.
  • STATUS: The current status of the token. This can be Active or Revoked.
  • COUNT: The number of times you have used this token to set up your virtual appliances. You can reuse the same token multiple times for different virtual appliances. This number is useful for security purposes. For example, if you have given a join token for a certain number of appliances using this token for connection, which does not match the number showing here, you might want to review the appliances that join your network.
  • LAST USED: The timestamp when the token was last used, in mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss time zone format.
  • DESCRIPTION: Information about the join token.

You can do the following in this tab:

  • Click to select the columns you want to display or use the arrow keys to reorder the columns.

  • Click  -> Edit next to a join token to make modifications. You can also select the respective join token and click the Edit button to do so.

  • Select a join token to view additional details in the right panel. You can collapse the right panel by clicking.
  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. The Cloud Services Portal displays the list of records that match the keyword in the text box.
  • Click  and then to filter data by the available values.

You can also perform the following actions on the Join Tokens page:

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